Bruce Gardiner

by Vern on August 16, 2011


Bruce Gardiner, A/P
ABC-3rd Edition Co-Chair

Bruce Gardiner began his boating as a kid in Rhode Island.  For the past 50 years, his family has had a cabin on Hood Canal, but their biggest boat was a row boat powered by a 4 horsepower outboard.

In 2008, his wife KK asked “why don’t we get a boat?” Bruce explains, “when your wife says that, of course you make it happen.”  So they now own a 22.1/2’ outboard, pilot-house fishing boat, which they keep moored at their cabin on Hood Canal.

Bruce has been an instructor most of his adult life, including for the Army; at several of the local Community Colleges; at the U of W Experimental College; and for quite a few Continuing Legal Education classes.  He has taken most of the courses offered by the Power Squadron up to, and including Advanced Piloting.

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