Dave Greene

by Vern on August 16, 2011


Dave Greene, S/N
Navigation, Seminars, B.O.C

Dave Green is the Bellevue Sail & Power Squadron’s go-to instructor. After a 40-year career as a structural engineer, Dave decided he would like to teach. As a result of taking the Public Boating class a decade ago, the instructors whetted Dave’s appetite to learn more. He explains it this way:  “BSPS leaders apparently tapped into my desires for teaching, and asked if I would like to teach Piloting. I jumped at the opportunity and taught it for about 4 years.”


Power Squadron instructors must themselves successfully pass  several classes to be qualified to teach. In Dave’s Instructor Development class, he was required make presentations on a boating subject of his choice. He chose a topic he called “Skipper Saver.”  He explains:  “I was so caught up in the concept, that I took the little Skipper Saver guide and developed a six-week course, which seemed to catch on with First Mates.”


In addition to teaching, Dave has completed every  advanced class offered by the US Power Squadron.


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