Harry Johnson

by Vern on August 16, 2011


Harry Johnson, A/P
Piloting, ABC

Harry  began teaching Advanced Piloting in 2008. He is a life-long boater, and was first exposed to boating on the Jersey Shore when he was a small boy of six.  He brings his formidable knowledge and deep skippering skill into all his Squadron classes.

Harry’s boating philosophy is: “know your boat; know its systems; and know how to handle it without using all the bells and whistles”. He carries this philosophy into the classroom, maintaining that RADAR, GPS and Electronic Navigation devices are wonderful tools, but when they quit, that is not the time to regain proficiency in basic manual navigation and charting principals.

He and his wife Teri currently own a 58 foot retired salmon seiner that they are converting into a pleasure craft.  They have enjoyed boating on Puget Sound and British Columbia since 1995.

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