Ray Huggins

by Vern on August 16, 2011


Ray Huggins, S/N
Marine Electronics, Seminars

Dr. Huggins has been a member of the US Power Squadron since 1982, and has taught classes since 1991.


He  explains that he enjoys teaching for two reasons.  “First,” he says, “it is an opportunity to get to know other Power Squadron  members, and second, I always learn something new each time I teach a class.”



Over the years, Dr. Huggins has taught various Squadron  classes:

•Marine Electrical Systems,
•Using VHF and VHF/DSC
•Junior Navigator,
•Sail, and
•Anchoring (a class he developed for the United States Power Squadron , and that is now taught nationally.)

He also instructs the Communications Afloat and Anchoring sections of the America’s Boating Course 3.


He and his wife own a 35 feet sailboat ,aboard which they have cruised an estimated 20,000 miles.  Their cruises have includes two circumnavigations of Vancouver Island, and a four year cruise from Seattle to Lake Ontario via the Panama Canal.


Dr. Huggins has a PhD in physics.  In addition, he holds  a FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License, and the Amateur Extra Amateur Radio License.

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