Dennis Kinch

by Vern on August 19, 2011


Dennis Kinch, A/P*

In 1985, Dennis began boating in Puget Sound.  Looking back to that time, he says he had very little training, and relied on his boating partners for the mariner skills he needed on the water.


He tells the story this way:  “It soon became apparent that I needed solid training to keep my family and myself safe and comfortable on the water.”


For Dennis, Bellevue Power Squadron classes became the key to improving his skills.  They enabled him to increase his boating travel horizon to more destinations in the US and Canada.  Today, he teaches the Seamanship class, which he describes as “a foundation class for all boaters.”


Dennis is the Bellevue Power Squadron’s Education Officer, and as such oversees all the Squadron’s in-class training programs.


*NOTE:  A/P indicates someone who has achieved advanced piloting status, as a result of successfully  completing  all of the advanced  piloting classes offered  by the US Power Squadron.


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