Boating Education



BSPS introductory boating classes will teach you how to operate your vessel safely.

BSPS offers the following four course categories:
Safe Boating Classroom Courses
Seminars and Other Courses
Self-Study Courses
Squadron Courses

Join the squadron and continue improving your skills. Our courses are dynamic and go beyond textbook learning. And besides improving their boating knowledge, BSPS members participate in a variety of social activities, such as our many rendezvous.You’ll make new friends and have a great time.

America’s Boating Course (ABC) is the entry level class offering basic boating knowledge.

We  offer a series of 2-hour seminars that give a very high level form of our more in-depth classes

Our discussion series are talks of particular interest to Salish Sea/Puget Sound boaters.

Also coming is On The Water Training associated with each Advanced Grade class and Elective class. This is in conjunction with the guidelines from Boat Operator Certification, but is separate.

 Advanced Grade & Elective Courses include detailed piloting and navigation skills, basic marine electrical systems, engine maintenance and basic weather forecasting principals .