Local Boating Interest Discussions

Bellevue Sail and Power Squadron is presenting a discussion series especially for Puget Sound boaters.  These include

  • Crabbing in Puget Sound (Salish Sea)
  • Shrimping in Puget Sound (Salish Sea)
  • Transiting the Ballard Locks
  • Power Boat Docking, Handling and Anchoring

Crabbing in Puget Sound

Whether you are an experienced Crabber or just starting out, there are 4 things that you want to accomplish:

  1. Do it safely
  2. Reduce unneeded expenses 
  3. Protect the future of the resource
  4. Get your limit(s)!

In this session we will explore ways to do all 4 of these on a consistent basis. Topics include anchoring your trap to prevent it from going into deeper water, principles of bait, best time to crab, how to not get pinched, having fun with kids along, and more.

Fee: Free

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Shrimping in Puget Sound

Did you know that Puget Sound has some of the best shrimp in the world? How about the fact that there are 7 different species that can be caught by recreational fishing? In this session, we will focus on gear needed/recommended to catch shrimp. Main emphasis will be on spot shrimp, but not exclusively. Other topics include safety, bait, preventing lost gear, when is best time and why so that productive exceptions can be made, how to avoid fines, and more. Even experienced shrimpers will get more ideas, and novices will get more than enough info to get started.

Fee: Free

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Crabbing and Shrimping will be taught by Randall Reeves


Transiting the Ballard Locks

Ever shuddered in fear thinking about transiting the locks?  This educational discussion is just the thing for you.  We will discuss preparation to transit, what is required, lock signals, how to tie to the big, little, or other boats in the locks and finally when to untie and exit the locks.  The course materials are largely from the Army Corps of Engineers website but we will provide complete guidance on how to do it safely in either of the locks and how to keep the lockmasters from yelling at you.

A must for new boaters wanting to go out into Puget Sound from the ship canal.


Instructor: Steve Olsson                     Aerial view of Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (Photo Courtesy of Civil Air Patrol)

Fee: Free

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