Cruise Part 3

Cruise Part 3

Answers to the Questions

  1. Section 9
    1. ETA 18 ft. sounding line   1333
    2. Your DR position at the 18 ft. sounding line   L 41º43.3′ N   Lo 071º45.7’W
    3. What is your course of action and why? Hold your course and speed, the boat passed in front of you.

  2. Section 10
    1. Distance between 1333 DR and 1335 GPS FIX   0.7 nm

  3. Section 11
    1. Button pushed on GPS   Mark
    2. What is the heading to G “7” Fl G 4s?   238ºM
    3. Information provided by GPS after activating route, each leg.
      Name of each WP, bearing to next WP, distance to next WP, cumulative distance

  4. Section 12
    1. What went wrong with the route? Entered wrong WP into route
    2. What information is given by GPS when “nearest waypoint” is asked for?
      Name of WP, Bearing to WP from your position, Distance from your next waypoint

The Chart

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Cruise Part 3

Cruise Part 3 Calculations
  Section 9 Section 11
T a 055º b 213º
V 015ºW 015ºW
M 070º 238º
TIME 1316  
T=D*60/S =7.1*60/25